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Dear Robert,

Thank you for the wonderful place you have created, and for accomplishing the extraordinary.  This is a haven for people with MCS, and it’s the only place of its kind in the country.  It’s also the only place I’ve found that’s truly “safe,” and this is why:

First, you have decades of expertise in “people and planet friendly living,” and your properties are models of MCS-safe places.  I know that the success of your properties is due not only to your expertise, but also to your tremendous effort, sacrifice, ingenuity, and commitment.  You are the rare talent with the rare heart.  You really care about creating places that are healthy for everyone, and safe for people with MCS, and you know just how to do it.

Second, my Ph.D. student from Georgia Tech did her dissertation on MCS housing, and she found only two places in the country that were successful: yours and the Ecology House in California (which houses 11 people, with a waiting list of over 100 people).  So, realistically, your place is the only one.  Many people and groups have tried to create MCS housing, and none have really worked (or are long-term options) – except yours.

Third, I’m on the board of four non-profit organizations concerned with issues of MCS and housing, and we all agree that homelessness is a crisis in the MCS community.  I’ve heard countless tragic stories about people with MCS who lose it all, because something happens and they lose their safe place.  But as the bright hope, I’ve seen people regain their health, their productivity, and their lives – once they come here.

Robert, this is all to say thank you.  What you have done is amazing, and the people who live here are most fortunate.

With all my best,

Dr. Anne Steinemann

Environmental Engineer

January 2015

Dear Robert,

My wife, Shirley, was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) in 1996 and is still being treated.  I just want to let you know how pleased we are that you could accommodate Shirley and me again at South Beach Island Resorts at this time.  We were here for several years before and after you purchased the property in September 2003.  In September 2006, we moved to Virginia to be closer to our family members and have been there over four years.

In December 2010 Shirley was having more problems with her health and felt she needed to move to a safe place.  We had found your condo at 5685 S. Hwy A1A, South Beach Island Resorts, had a good combination of clean fresh air, ocean breezes, a wonderful beach and a safe environment for people with MCS.  You were kind enough to fit us in  Shirley is improving here with the clean air, and an environment that is free of smells, smoke, mold , pesticides, and other bothersome chemicals, and with the help of Doctor Holyk , a local doctor that is very helpful to Shirley and others with MCS.

The staff at the South Beach Island Resorts is very helpful and insures the facilities and grounds are kept not only neat and clean, but also safe for people suffering from MCS.  They use hand, electrical, and battery operated landscaping tools wherever possible. The other tenants here and many of our neighbors, former tenants here, are knowledgeable about MCS and contribute to keeping the area safe for people suffering from MCS. I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife Shirley because she is uncomfortable with computers.

Sincerely yours:


Dear Robert:

We truly miss the safe haven you have provided for us during the past eight months. Unit # 1 at SBIR, our home away from home in CT., which has been renovated has been furnished and maintained with the needs of those who suffer from MCS foremost in mind.

Jeanntte has MCS and we are so blessed that we found South Beach Island Resorts, ( SBIR )  located at 5685 S. Highway A1A in Melbourne Beach, FL.32951.

We returned to CT several weeks ago to ensure that necessary updates are made to our house.  We truly love our CT home but find that your lovely place in Florida is beckoning for our return.

We plan to return soon even when confronting the anticipated heat of the Florida summer months. From what I understand, due to the wonderful clean prevailing ocean breezes, it is quite comfortable there throughout the summer.

Once the changes will be made to our CT property, our ultimate goal is to relocate to the paradise to which you have introduced us.

A truly heartfelt thanks for providing a safe and supportive haven for those of us challenged with Environmental Illness.  Your warmth, kindness, and willingness to share your experiences regarding your own health journey have and continue to be so helpful and appreciated.


Don and Jeannette Delmore

May 2012

Hi Robert,

I just wanted you to know that the bed arrived today safe and sound. Thank you so much for all of your help!! I wanted to thank you so much for providing such a beautifully safe space for us to visit. I was so relieved to stay in a place with such excellent air quality. Everything was so clean, and I was amazed that I was very comfortable sleeping on all of your provided bedding and that I was able to safely use your towels. The beaches were so pristine with all the amazing wildlife. For those of us with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities , traveling can be very challenging. We know that nothing is perfect, and that there are constant obstacles to overcome. Thank you for being so willing to help us out of our little dilemmas with the car and the water which seemed monumental at the time. We were so happy to see friends that we have not seen in a very long time, and I had so much fun in Disney World!!
Thank you so much for providing this lovely piece of heaven for those of us who need it so much. We wish you good health and many blessings. Please keep doing what you are doing.
We hope to visit again when the weather is warmer. We enjoyed getting to know you.

March 16, 2010

A place to heal – that’s what the South Beach Island Resort represents to me. More specifically, it’s a place where nature and community combine to provide a well of support toward an individual interested in healing, particularly from environmental illnesses. While living at South Beach I was free from a vast majority of environmental triggers/threats. This allowed me to feel safe, which in turn allowed me to relax and turn my attention toward healing instead of surviving.

The natural environment on this property presents many opportunities to commune with nature and participate, if only by watching and connecting, with the wonder of it all. From the magnificence of the mighty ocean to the beautiful vulnerability of a newly hatched turtle, moment-by-moment and day-by-day, one can awaken to the awesome process of life. The ability to just be, and to observe and connect with a power greater than ourselves, invites the healer within us to gently guide us toward a better way.

The South Beach is a place in which one may practice, utilize or seek any healing modality free of constraints and obstacles, except from within. There is usually plenty of support no matter what path is chosen. Though I believe healing can occur anywhere, I recommend this place to anyone who is interested in healing and who may need to remove themselves from our typical, “civilized” environment full of modern day stressors and hazards at this time.

— Marsha James Valutis, Ph.D.

I have been a long term resident at the South Beach Island Resort for approximately three years. We initially came for a weekend to check things out and we fell in love with the area and are currently in the process of building our own environmental home just south of the resort.

Getting back to the basics–warm, sunny days, good air, and enjoying the healing negative ions and tranquility of the ocean–have been very beneficial to my health. I have spent hours on the beach watching dolphins gracefully swimming in the ocean, herons and seagulls flying above, and, on a really lucky evening, you may catch a glimpse of a Loggerhead turtle laying her eggs on the beach.

Melbourne is a progressive community offering good alternative doctors in the area and is also very open in many other healing arts.

Living in an MCS community has given me an opportunity to meet many wonderful and supportive people from across the country. I hope to continue my road to recovery while living here in Melbourne Beach.

–Judy DeLeonardis